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Understanding the needs of different outdoor and adventure activities, we realised very early on for the need of sturdy, durable, reliable and functional products that can withstand the toughest of tough terrains. From the very beginning we were focused on creating equipment that stood for the outdoors.

Our core constituency of design and construction stood the test of time and test of the tough outdoor terrains. Whether it is apparel made of breathable materials, ergonomically designed rucksacks or waterproof footwear, our gamut of products have one mission – to enable people with gear that is durable, resilient and sturdy, for their exploration of the outdoors.

Types of Bags

  • Rucksack

  • College bags

  • Convertible bags

  • Hand Bags

  • Luggage bags

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Body Care

Himalaya's story began way back in 1930. A curious young man riding through the forests of Burma saw restless elephants being fed the root of a plant, Rauwolfia serpentina, which helped pacify them. Fascinated by the plant's effect on elephants, this young man, Mr. M. Manal, the founder of Himalaya, wanted to scientifically test the herb's properties. With no money and only a pocketful of dreams, he pawned his mother's jewelry to buy a hand-operated tableting machine. The years that followed were a time of endurance and a test of the young man's patience, strength and passion. He spent his days learning about herbs from neighborhood healers and his nights working on the machine to make a few hundred tablets. His vision was to 'bring the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form'.

In a time when herbal products were regarded with scepticism, our founder's belief in the healing power of herbs was unwavering. He felt that if people were offered safe and effective herbal medicines, they would come to accept them as part of their healthcare routine. He believed that herbal medicines could and should be evaluated on the same quality and efficacy parameters as conventional medicine. This was possible through empirical research. Once scientific research proved that herbal products worked, even doctors could be won over. This was a big dream with big challenges. But he persevered on despite the obstacles.

After four years of researching the herb Rauwolfia serpentina, Serpina®, the world's first natural antihypertensive drug was launched in 1934.

The discovery set the future course for Himalaya. It taught us the value of scientific research. It also taught us the importance of patience, passion and perseverance. We have since focused on converting Ayurveda's herbal tradition into a range of proprietary formulations dedicated to healthy living and longevity.

With a history spanning eight decades in the area of herbal research, Himalaya shares a close relationship with nature. We are in the business of not only promoting good health but also safeguarding the health of our planet. Ever since our inception, we have taken great care to protect biodiversity, collect herbs in a sustainable way and promote good agricultural practices.

In 1955, Himalaya introduced Liv.52, a liver formulation that ensures optimum liver function. The product soon became our flagship brand and a top selling herbal medicine. Other brands soon followed including Cystone, Bonnisan and Rumalaya forte, products that went on to become household names.

In 1999, Himalaya entered the personal care segment under the brand name 'Ayurvedic Concepts'. This was unchartered territory which brought with it new challenges and new opportunities for learning. People around the world were waking up to the benefits of herbal and natural products for their personal care needs. Himalaya had close to seven decades of research experience in herbal medicine and this legacy had helped us understand the world of herbs. The prospect of entering the personal care space was therefore exciting. We wanted to give customers herbal personal care products that were mild, gentle, hard-working and steeped in science! Our guiding philosophy was to develop a range of personal care products rooted in Ayurveda and backed by research, a mainstay of the Himalaya brand. By remaining true to our research ethic, we built credibility for our range of herbal personal care products and gained the trust of our customers. A year later, we expanded our portfolio to include animal health products with the objective of caring for the health and well-being of animals.

With our expanding range of products and growth in international markets, Himalaya underwent a rebranding where the entire range was brought under a single umbrella- Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. With the present portfolio of pharmaceuticals, personal care, baby care, well-being and animal health products, Himalaya has evolved into a 'head-to-heel' herbal wellness company.

After close to 88 years, we remain committed to enriching the lives of people who use our products. Himalaya's therapeutic products have brought relief to people suffering from ailments like liver disorders, diabetes to kidney stones and joint disabilities. Our personal care range captures the best in nature and science, giving our customers products that are gentle, effective and safe for long-term use. Our vision is to offer wellness in every home and for the whole family through our herbal healthcare and personal care products.

Today, the Himalaya brand is synonymous with safe and efficacious herbal products. Starting off operations in Dehradun way back in the 1930s, the company later spread its wings to Mumbai and across the country. In 1975, the company set up an advanced manufacturing facility in Makali, Bengaluru, India. In 1991, the company relocated its R&D facility to Bengaluru.


Canon India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. This world leader in imaging technologies commenced operations in India in the year 1997. Today Canon has offices spread across 14 cities in India and an employee strength of over a 1000 people. The company offers a comprehensive range of over 200 sophisticated and contemporary digital imaging products in the country, including copier MFDs, Managed Document Services, Fax-Machines, Printers, Document and Cheque Scanners, All-in-ones, Digital Cameras, DSLR’s, Cinematic Imaging Products, Camcorders, Cable ID Printers and Card printers catering to the multiple market segments of consumer, SME, B2B, Commercial, Government & PSUs.

With the launch of ‘Canon Image Square’ (CIS), Canon India forayed into the retail space in 2010. Currently, Canon India has over 250 CIS stores across several cities in the country. Canon India’s unique initiative to tap Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV cities of the country was instrumental in this regard.

As a responsible corporate entity, Canon India takes pride to be socially inclined and focused towards its efficient and sustainable CSR projects. The company’s CSR policy is in line with its corporate philosophy ‘Kyosei’, which means living and working together for the common good. ‘Adopt a Village’ initiative, which was started in 2012 is Canon India’s flagship CSR project. Committed to fostering self-reliant rural communities in India and focusing on the 4Es – eye care, education, environment and empowerment, through this CSR project, Canon India has adopted four villages across the country; Sol Gohalia village, located near Kolkata, Ferozepur Namak village in Haryana, Maharaja Katte village in Bengaluru and Karanjoti village in Thane district near Maharashtra.

With a vision to have a proliferating India, Canon India has partnered with SOS Children’s village across India to support the education and overall development of less privileged children in the villages, across the country. Through this campaign, Canon aims to address the issue of abandonment and social neglect of young lives. Canon takes pride in not only bringing quality products to the market; but also in contributing towards minimizing the environmental burden, through the effective application of green technologies. Canon focuses on the development of resource conserving products that are smaller, lighter and easier to recycle. Canon India takes the responsibility of disposing end-of-life Canon products and other e-waste by transporting them to a government approved recycling agency.

Today, Canon India is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified. The company was awarded the title of ‘strong commitment to excel’ at the CII-EXIM Business Excellence Award, in the year 2006 and 2010 respectively. Over the last 20 years, Canon India’s comprehensive range of the latest digital imaging products, supported by a well-trained salesforce across the country, has emerged as the key differentiator boosting the company’s growth. Canon India has closed the year 2017, with a double digit growth. At present, Canon India’s service reach extends to 600 towns covering 17,774 PIN codes across India - which comprises of 300 Camera collection points, 18 Camera repair centers, 236 Printer repair centers, 185 Copier, Scanner and Large Format Printer Sales & Service dealers.


La Sovereign Bicycles is a Thailand based company manufacturing Bicycles, Toys & Electric bikes for Asian, European & American markets. LA is a Leading brand in Thailand & commands about 90% market share. The products are confirming to the world Quality standards & are available in latest design for all Ages.

La Sovereign Bicycles Pvt. Ltd. is a First ever joint between Thailand & India Based companies to market Bicycle & Kids Toys of every High Quality & world class designs to the Indian consumer.

The Salient Features of the Bikes are :

  • All plastic used in kids toys is of food grade material having no health hazard.
  • All the bicycles are fitted with only high quality Taiwanese/Japanese components.
  • The bikes are using Alloy Rims & Anti rust stainless steel spokes.
  • All the bicycles are assembled and packed individually in strong carton box easy to carry & handle.
  • Company is offering 2 years warranty on all rigid Frame & Fork.

Flask & Bottles

Since their inception in 1972 they have established a network of over 55,000 + retailers, and a host of strategically-placed manufacturing units across India; this has allowed us to constantly move forward in our endeavour to innovate better and more efficient products for their customers. Our unwavering commitment to this goal, has won us loyalty in India, and across more than 60 countries worldwide.

Their ‘Kuch Naya Sochte Hain’ mantra resonates in everything we do for you – insulated-steel and plastic products (Thermosteel and Thermoware), non-insulated products (Household), Melamine and HORECA.

As a responsible corporate entity, Canon India takes pride to be socially inclined and focused towards its efficient and sustainable CSR projects. The company’s CSR policy is in line with its corporatMilton, along with Claro, Spotzero, and Treo, is a part of the Hamilton Group of companies.

Quality is the bedrock upon which their reputation rests; we rigorously lab-test our products, so when you put them to use, we’re certain they won’t let you, or us, down.

Their products are built to withstand crowded commutes, boisterous school-recess hours, the rigours of keeping a home clean, and cooking delicious meals day-in, day-out. When real life is so tough, we make sure that our products are even tougher.

Flash Light

Born in New York City during the Great Depression, Tony Maglica was raised in his mother’s native Croatia. He was a small child when his mother decided to return to Croatia so that he could be raised close to her family. In 1950, with the country in the ruins of World War II and Communists in control, Tony escaped back to America. Here he set out to make the most of his training as an experimental machinist, though he spoke no English. He taught himself a few words a day while taking employment where he could find it, and worked for himself in what were supposed to be his off hours. Still it was a struggle to save any money. Finally he managed to save $125, the down payment on his first lathe. So began Tony Maglica’s quest for the American Dream: There in his one-man machine shop in a Los Angeles area garage, he knew that his days of working for other people were behind him. He was, at last, in business for himself.

Mr. Maglica began by manufacturing precision parts for industry, aerospace and the military. He quickly earned a reputation for quality, efficiency and ingenuity. Mag Instrument was eventually incorporated in 1974. By that time, Mr. Maglica had clearly demonstrated his innovative techniques for cutting production costs and increasing quality. Continuous improvement is a talent that continues to keep his company ahead of the competition. Mr. Maglica established a hands-on leadership style, as well as a core business philosophy of combining superior quality of all Mag products with unsurpassed customer service.

Mag Instrument is dedicated to the highest standards of integrity. We seek performance and a reputation reflecting the very best we can achieve.

Each Mag Instrument flashlight represents a culmination of decades of research, development and continuous state-of-the-art refinement in every precision feature. Mag Instrument is proud to be a U.S.A. Manufacturer.

We believe the spirit and character of the company is most clearly defined and expressed by our founder, owner and president Anthony Maglica. Each flashlight is a result of his obsession with fine engineering, craftsmanship and his commitment to perfection. An experimental machinist by training and a manufacturing innovator by practice, Mr. Maglica has guided his company’s growth from a one-man machine shop in 1955 to an enterprise that employs over 800 dedicated employees today. But his work does not stop there. Mr. Maglica continues his commitment to quality by continually improving upon the product that bears his name.

Mag Instrument is proud to be a leader in the current renaissance in American manufacturing. Mr. Maglica himself, a fervent believer in the importance of manufacturing in the United States, insists that Mag remain a U.S.A. Manufacturer. He has dedicated himself to proving that American products can excel in the global marketplace by using technology to continually improve quality and reduce costs. Over the last two decades, Mr. Maglica’s innovations have enabled Mag Instrument to offer consumers a consistently better value than the competition


To ensure that their products are made to the highest standards, they personally oversee the entire production process.

Their factories are very experienced and adhere to the business quality standards for both production of goods and the safety of personnel. These standards are constantly monitored.

Materials and samples are hand checked for strength, quality and durability. Only when they are truly satisfied does full production commence.

During production, they thoroughly quality check random samples, mechancially and by hand ensuring that the products that we deliver to our customers are in first class condition.

Their luggage is manufactured to a very high standard and undergoes rigorous testing. Their standard 10-year warranty underpins our confidence in the quality of our products.

Quality testing includes: - Extensive wear testing on our seams, zips & lightweight materials guarantees long-term performance.
- Load tests to ensure your belongings are totally protected across the life of your case.
- To guarantee complete durability, fully-loaded cases are drop-tested from all angles.
- The strength of our handles is tested repeatedly to match the rigours of modern travel.

SWISSGEAR continues to ensure whatever you need travels easily, safely, and stylishly with you.For decades, they have been innovating the way people handle life on the go with smart design, superior quality luggage, and travel gear meant to deliver performance and style.

Built from vision. Created by precision. No matter what adventures, challenges or opportunities are in your path, SWISSGEAR makes sure you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead.

For decades, SWISSGEAR has been innovating the way people handle life on the go with smart design, superior quality luggage, and travel gear meant to deliver performance and style.

Journey with us as we travel the globe and discover the endless wonders it has to offer.

In 1884, Karl Elsener opened his cutler’s workshop in Ibach-Schwyz. At this time Switzerland was still one of the poorer countries in Europe. In the early years Karl Elsener worked to combat poverty and unemployment in the Schwyz basin, creating jobs and helping stem the flow of emigration.

In 1891 he supplied the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army for the first time. He went on to develop the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife – now the iconic Swiss Army Knife – in 1897, creating the foundation for a flourishing company that would be able to hold its own on the world stage.

From then on, his spirit of solidarity, deep roots in the region and strong commitment to solid values shaped the Victorinox company philosophy.

For reasons of expertise, items are produced abroad, where the technical, staff and material resources needed for efficient manufacture can be accessed. To ensure that these products also meet the highest standards, partners are chosen carefully and the high quality standards are stringently enforced.

It is this level of quality that has allowed Victorinox to become a leader in Switzerland and the rest of the world. Victorinox AG is an independent family company and 90% of shares are held by the Victorinox Foundation. The company’s continued existence is therefore optimally assured as 90% of generated profits are available to the company as reserves. The remaining 10% of shares are held by a not-for-profit foundation that supports charitable projects.

Sun Glasses

Oakley based in Lake Forest, California, and a subsidiary of Italian company Luxottica based in Milan, designs, develops and manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces including sunglasses, sports visors, ski/snowboard goggles, watches, apparel, backpacks, shoes, optical frames, and other accessories. Most items are designed in house at their head office, but some countries hold exclusive designs relevant to their market. Oakley currently holds more than 600 patents for eyewear, materials, and performance gear.


Johns Umbrella has been in the umbrella making business for the past seventy years being one of the earliest Indian pioneers in umbrella manufacturing industry. Johns with their roots in Kerala gradually grew with perseverance and persistence became a leading manufacturer of quality umbrellas in India. Johns built up a reputation for quality, competitive pricing and impressive range of umbrellas and established distinction by transforming the utility product into a fashion accessory. Thus John’s compact umbrella became a perpetual accompaniment of every season. Johns go all-out to ensure every umbrella sold is committed to quality, safety and good value for money. The sophisticated product design, state–of–the-art technology applications for functionality, compactness and durability have established as unique propositions of John’s Umbrella. All of John’s landmark strides could be attributed to the legendary vision of its founder, Sri. Thayyil Abraham Varghese. His farsighted vision has enabled market leadership for five decades that has carved a unique niche in the hearts of millions. With effective and efficient manufacturing systems, value based healthy corporate practices John’s Umbrellas have been balancing a true golden mean between quality, design and value for money consistently. Impetus has always been ever changing customer demands. No wonder, Johns has carved a unique niche in the hearts of millions. an ongoing trust on excellence, a corporate climate for innovation, latest infrastructure, a highly skilled human resource and creative working atmosphere blend at Johns to surge ahead year after year Relentless in its pursuit for innovative approaches, Johns’ Research & Development division release ensures each season to have bevy of novelties in its product portfolio. The division aided by computerized design, trial run schedules and stringent quality checks at every stage of production, the entrepreneurial vision of Johns’ founder gets reborn everyday!


"I want to make a timepiece that will not break, even if dropped." This proposal, submitted at an internal meeting over 35 years ago, suggested that the development should be a one-man job handled by Kikuo Ibe, the engineer responsible for the external design of watches at the time. It was considered a clear, simple idea that had come up when a watch happened to drop and break during working hours. Watches are delicate precision instruments, and, at that time, it seemed only natural that they should break when falling to the floor. The concept of a tough watch seemed not only unconventional, but even nonsensical. Nevertheless, the proposal was accepted. A project team comprising just three people was formed — and development of the new watch began.

The team’s initial approaches to overturning common sense began from zero. They first assumed it would be best to cover the entire watch with a soft material. A few dropping experiments put that idea to rest without delay. They found that a watch would break no matter how much shock-absorbent rubber was adhering to the case exterior. And the more cushioning material they attached, the more the size increased. The experimental model soon swelled to the size of a large softball.

A 5-step shock-absorbent structure that protected the module, or heart of the watch, with five cushioning materials was eventually devised, solving the size problem. But a new problem concerning the strength of the electronic parts soon arose. When the team members tried to reinforce the parts, they became caught up in a vicious cycle in which strengthening one broken part led to breakage of another.

This unanticipated process of trial and error continued day after day: The developers would drop a prototype with reinforced parts from the window of the 3rd-floor men’s room and watch it break on the ground 10 meters below. They would then analyze the broken parts, strengthen them and try again. The cycle seemed endless.