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About us

We provide quality products at resonable price. We let the travellers to share their travel experience. We promote conservation of nature.
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Professional Ethics
(Sangam Literature - Pattinapalai)

The merchants have good hearts, live justly like the center of yokes and utter only truths.
Afraid of blame, they trade well, respecting their goods and those of others.
They do not take more when they buy and not give less when they sell.
நெடு நுகத்துப் பகல் போல
நடுவு நின்ற நல் நெஞ்சினோர்
வடு அஞ்சி வாய்மொழிந்து
தமவும் பிறவும் ஒப்ப நாடிக்
கொள்வதூஉம் மிகை கொடாது
கொடுப்பதூஉங் குறைகொடாது.
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Story Behind Our Name

Responsible tourism including trekking, hiking, camping, cycling and other adventure travels in Western Ghats is very vital to conserve it for future generations. Our Westernghats travel store promotes eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible tourism.